Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reupholstering an old Chair (Black, White and a Splash of RED)

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I told you that I would be sharing my favorite past Funkin Junkin projects from my blog,  I Know the Plans I Have for You, and this is one of them!

Of all of the junk that I have brought home, this is my favorite by far! This one was left over from an estate sale...who would want this one?? This girl right here!!

I fell in love with the claw arms...

Because I knew that it could look like this.....

 At the time that I upholstered this chair, I really had no experience, but I wasn't afraid to try. YouTube can teach you anything! It took me just a few days, and the hardest part for me was the piping sewn into the back. You want to make sure that you line up the pattern, which was so frustrating! That part isn't perfect, but was close enough. Here are some pictures of the process...

The legs first needed some attending to. This leg had a huge crack and the leg in the second picture, was missing an entire edge that I had to build back up. Nothing that wood glue and wood filler couldn't fix. 

I carefully took off each part in sections, so that I could use the old fabric as the pattern for the new fabric, but also (even more importantly) so that I new which order to put it back together. I started with the seat, and found this old feather pillow used as the "foam". It was pretty nasty! As you can see, I decided to paint the arms and legs before I put any new fabric on. 

The webbing on the back had fuzzy molding...GROSS!

This was my little helper, double checking my measurements...

This is what you call Funkin Junkin!!

So after some wood glue, wood filler, Kilz, glossy red paint, new foam, new batting and dacron, new webbing , and new fabric.....this beauty found a new home

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